"Renaissance Texts as Technology" is the name of a Fall 2015 undergraduate seminar in the English Honors Program at the University of Iowa. The eighteen brilliant and hard-working students spent the semester exploring the world of early modern material texts, in all of their various forms - in print and online. What you see here is just a small part of the work they accomplished

This online exhibit is a collaborative experiment in all the senses of that term: an active attempt to create and experience something new (and for most of the participants, something unfamiliar). It is a way to make some of our work public, and to show a few of the things we have examined, worked through, touched, and written about. Each student chose one book from our Special Collections library, according to their own interests. The exhibit was then assembled into "Collections" which include images and descriptions of particular books, and into "Exhibits" which explore particular features of the books' material textuality.

Individual students are identified as "contributors" and so to see who is responsible for each item and description, simply click on any image.